Some Films to get you in the mood

So much to choose from so little webspace......


Although there is some dispute over the exact "Age" of the golden age of cinema, it is agreed that it was the time of the rise of the Hollywood Studios. There were vast amounts of money for some with the studios employing thousands of workers. The studios bought up theatres and had to produce vast quantities of films to feed them. I have tried to get the trailers of as many as I could, I hope you enjoy them.




The Black Swan - Sea's Ablaze...with villainy, with fiery romance, with breathless deeds of the roaring era of love, Gold and Adventure!


I kid you not thats what the description of the trailer said!

Pride and Prejudice - Five love hungry sisters....and how they got their husbands!


I am not making it up watch the trailer the words are there to read!!!

Singing in the Rain - This is the story of a great moment in motion picture history....when the screen learned to TALK!


Stillone of my favorite movies. It even touched on the fact that the studios owned those who worked for them.

The Wizard of OZ - is it me or are these trailiers studio properganda showreels?


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea- the song ends with "i Swear by tatoo"....just watch the trailer....classic


The Grapes of Wrath - Half the trailers about the book. you dont see trailers like this it and find out why!



Some Like it Hot - Desperate times....Desperate musicialns


Casablanca- If you are looking for adventure you will find!


city of hope and dispair! the story of an imperishable that a real word?