NewYear 2017

Usual place, usual time, NEW theme........

Its back to your childhood, dig out your books watch those old films. This years themes is inspired by one of this country's best authors, he inspired the imagination of millions of kids so its time to be a big kid again. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this years theme will be .........


.................EVERYTHING/ANYTHING ROALD DAHL......................

Fancy Dress

"Do I need to dress up for the evening?"


Yes....Well no not really but you are hopefully going to be amongst many others if you do. We chose the theme this year because it's fun and who doesnt want to dress up as the Fantastic Mr.Fox, the BFG, an insect from James and the Giant Peach or even a witch. How about Miss Agatha Trunchbull....well maybe not but you get the idea. there are a million options here the trick is to pick the best one for you.......Good luck and hope to see what you have come up with on the night.


"So what do we bring?"



As usual we hope to do cocktails that will match the theme. We havent actally got them sorted yet but they will be here. We usually message everyone on FB closer to the time when we have decided the ingredients. Suggestions so far are "Sweet based drinks from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and "The Trunchbull"... you can just imagine what thats going to be like. More info soon, promise.



"A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men."


"Do we bring firework??"


YEAH fireworks you have to have fireworks, right? I will get as much as I can you are welcome to bring your own or to contribute towards those I will be getting if you prefer. Most people just gave us money towards the fireworks the last time but it's up to you please don't feel you have to though. The important thing is that you are there and you have a good time, ok so thats 2 things I know.


I think the theme this year lends itself well to fireworks.



Are you a twit perhaps? I am sure there are a few amongst us

How about a witch?

Do you have the ears to pull off the BFG?

Umpa Lumpa?

I looked up Roald Dhal costumes on Google...that was a mistake, I almost wet myself laughing! If you do this do not have a mouth full of coffee thats all I can say.

There were some though, not sure that really is a Fantastic Mr Fox costume or that Umpa Lumpas looked like that and I am prtty sure I would have paid more attention to the film if Willy Wonka looked like that!